Reflection: Surviving the Storm – Personal Wellbeing

By Peter Cottrell CA(SA) The Covid-19 crisis presents as a storm with poor visibility where the end outcomes are far from known.  It is unusual in that there have been times of rapid change and upheaval, together with radically changed personal circumstances. One of the key themes of surviving a storm is care for the wellbeingContinue reading “Reflection: Surviving the Storm – Personal Wellbeing”

Reflection: Leadership Response in a Time of Crisis

By Peter Cottrell CA(SA) In a previous reflection “Life Beyond: The Inspiration of a Life at Sea” I shared a vision of hope from an inspirational South African seafarer, Constance Nengovhela.  As I reflect on Constance’s story, it offers much insight into the strategy for surviving a crisis, including a realistic assessment of the severityContinue reading “Reflection: Leadership Response in a Time of Crisis”

Life Beyond: The Inspiration of a Life at Sea

By Peter Cottrell Constance Nengovhela is an inspirational South African, offering a vision of hope that is so desperately needed at this time in our history. Born in Ha Mashau village in Limpopo, Constance serves as an active seafarer on international shipping routes.  In between, she is an entrepreneur having launched an inspirational clothing line “LifeContinue reading “Life Beyond: The Inspiration of a Life at Sea”

Covid-19: “Hands and Hearts” (a reflection)

Dear clients, colleagues and service providers In our senior staff meeting on Monday, we were reflecting on a theme of “Hands and Hearts”.  In this strange new reality most of us are working at home, or possibly be taking a mandatory break, in a place of physical isolation.  I have heard of numerous accounts ofContinue reading “Covid-19: “Hands and Hearts” (a reflection)”