COVID-19: Lockdown Regulations Level 3

By Peter Cottrell CA(SA) The following provides high level guidance on the regulations and guidelines applicable to the Level 3 Lockdown Regulations.    The Level 3 regulations are fairly broad in their application and, although there are some anomalies, in the main businesses should have a fairly clear understanding of what activities are permitted.  It is expectedContinue reading “COVID-19: Lockdown Regulations Level 3”

COVID-19: NEWSFLASH – Lockdown Level 4 Essential Services –CIPC Bizportal Certificates

In yesterday’s update on Lockdown Restrictions Level 4 we included commentary to the effect that the previous regulations had been repealed in their entirety and that nothing had been included in the new regulations with regard to CIPC Bizportal Certificates.  We advise that in practice, the functionality for updated certificates is available on the Bizportal EssentialContinue reading “COVID-19: NEWSFLASH – Lockdown Level 4 Essential Services –CIPC Bizportal Certificates”

COVID-19: NEWSFLASH – Covid-19 Draft Risk Adjusted Strategy (Key Sectors and Priorities)

This is a short advisory to draw the South African Government’s draft Risk Adjusted Strategy to be phased in with effect 1 May 2020. The draft strategy document contains proposals for the phased easing of lock-down restrictions with levels ranging from 5 (lock-down) to 1 (fairly wide freedom of movement permitted, but with health andContinue reading “COVID-19: NEWSFLASH – Covid-19 Draft Risk Adjusted Strategy (Key Sectors and Priorities)”

COVID-19: Essential Services – Updated CIPC Bizportal Registration Requirements

Please find below an urgent update from Riona Pillay (Warrick de Wet Attorneys) regarding the revised Bizportal registration requirements for providers of essential goods and services.  Please note that the existing certificates are no longer valid and essential service providers are urged to register and download an updated certificate as soon as possible. The process forContinue reading “COVID-19: Essential Services – Updated CIPC Bizportal Registration Requirements”