COVID-19: NEWSFLASH – Lockdown Level 4 Essential Services –CIPC Bizportal Certificates

In yesterday’s update on Lockdown Restrictions Level 4 we included commentary to the effect that the previous regulations had been repealed in their entirety and that nothing had been included in the new regulations with regard to CIPC Bizportal Certificates.  We advise that in practice, the functionality for updated certificates is available on the Bizportal Essential Services web site (  Even though it may not be explicitly mentioned in the regulations, we recommend that companies obtain a new or updated certificate if they are to be physically open under Level 4. 

The following functionality is available on the Bizportal web site:

  1. New applications may be made.  This will need to be done for companies that were not previously essential service providers. 
  2. Existing application may be updated.  This may well be necessary for existing essential service providers to align with the categories in the updated regulations as well as to update the number of employees who are required to work.
  3. An updated certificate may be downloaded.  This new certificate will now refer to “Extended Lockdown Period: Certificate of Record from 1 May 2020”.  Companies that were previously registered should download a new certificate, with appropriate update of details as necessary.

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