COVID-19: Lockdown Regulations Level 3

By Peter Cottrell CA(SA) The following provides high level guidance on the regulations and guidelines applicable to the Level 3 Lockdown Regulations.    The Level 3 regulations are fairly broad in their application and, although there are some anomalies, in the main businesses should have a fairly clear understanding of what activities are permitted.  It is expectedContinue reading “COVID-19: Lockdown Regulations Level 3”

COVID-19: NEWSFLASH – Lockdown Level 4 Essential Services –CIPC Bizportal Certificates

In yesterday’s update on Lockdown Restrictions Level 4 we included commentary to the effect that the previous regulations had been repealed in their entirety and that nothing had been included in the new regulations with regard to CIPC Bizportal Certificates.  We advise that in practice, the functionality for updated certificates is available on the Bizportal EssentialContinue reading “COVID-19: NEWSFLASH – Lockdown Level 4 Essential Services –CIPC Bizportal Certificates”

COVID-19: Lockdown Restrictions Level 4

By Peter Cottrell CA(SA) The following provides a high level guidance on the regulations and guidelines applicable to the Level 4 Lockdown Status.    Requirements for business that will operate under Level 4 Warrick de Wet (attorney) has kindly provided guidance on the application of these regulations: Businesses entitled to operate in Level 4 will beContinue reading “COVID-19: Lockdown Restrictions Level 4”

COVID-19: Essential Services – Updated CIPC Bizportal Registration Requirements

Please find below an urgent update from Riona Pillay (Warrick de Wet Attorneys) regarding the revised Bizportal registration requirements for providers of essential goods and services.  Please note that the existing certificates are no longer valid and essential service providers are urged to register and download an updated certificate as soon as possible. The process forContinue reading “COVID-19: Essential Services – Updated CIPC Bizportal Registration Requirements”

COVID-19: Property Leases and Rental Relief

We are encountering many situations where tenants are requesting some form of rental relief for the lock-down period and sometimes beyond.  In practice, this is a complex area with legal, commercial and moral implications.  From the tenant perspective, there can be genuine financial hardship due to closure of businesses during the lock-down.  While landlords will have an overridingContinue reading “COVID-19: Property Leases and Rental Relief”

COVID-19: Lock Down Regulations and Social Services

By Warrick de Wet (attorney) Regulations Two sets of lockdown regulations have been published so far in terms of the Disaster Management Act 2002. One was issued on 25 March 2020 and the other on the 26 March 2020. The regulations have their problems, probably due to the fact that the situation is novel andContinue reading “COVID-19: Lock Down Regulations and Social Services”

COVID-19: A Brief Update on Essential Services

Please find below an update from Warrick de Wet on the current status of the registration requirements with regard to essential goods and services.  This provides much needed answers to what was an extremely stressful situation yesterday, particularly with regard to certain issues that remain unresolved.  Warrick has also given extremely useful legal guidance onContinue reading “COVID-19: A Brief Update on Essential Services”

COVID-19: Lock-Down Regulations and Essential Services

By: Warrick de Wet (Attorney) On 25 March 2020, additional Disaster Management Regulations in terms of the Disaster Management Act 2002, dealing with the national lockdown from midnight on 26 March to midnight on 16 April 2020, were issued. In terms of the lockdown Regulations every person shall remain at his place of residence for the periodContinue reading “COVID-19: Lock-Down Regulations and Essential Services”

COVID-19: A Curveball on the Eve of Lockdown (ESSENTIAL SERVICES)

I had thought it would be a few days before another update was necessary, and it actually feels like about a week. But in reality it was only yesterday.  This shows the pace and which things are moving and, for those of us whose businesses remain open, the sheer magnitude of the challenges we areContinue reading “COVID-19: A Curveball on the Eve of Lockdown (ESSENTIAL SERVICES)”